Lean Leadership

The office and business functions in companies are prime territories for the application of 'Lean' tools that can quickly and simply eliminate waste, gain more capacity from existing operations, and increase the efficiency of business processes.

The practical application of 'Lean' creates a strong, team-based improvement culture throughout the company - and tackles core 'customer interface' problems such as long response times, queued work, late deliveries, over-complication, defects/mistakes, poor communication processes, and convoluted tracking systems. 

Smallpeice programmes range from 1-day courses in specific techniques - to our exclusive 'Lean Business Essentials' programme that provides a fast-track training option to develop Lean 'experts' within your company, skilled to lead improvement teams and drive forward change.

Lean Leadership Courses
Course Title Duration Next Dates
Creating a Lean Culture4 DaysIn-company only
Lean Leadership1 DayIn-company only
Value Stream Mapping (VSM)1 DayIn-company only